Promotions & Appointments

Sunderland Referees Association and its members would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our members who were successful in achieving promotion during the past season:


Level 7 to 6

Matty Henderson

Reece Scott


Level 6 to 5

Michael Burrows

Adam Herczeg


Level 5 to 4

Jonny Urwin


Level 4 to 3

Rebecca Welch

Craig Dean


National List of Assistant Referees

Graeme Fyvie



We would also like to congratulate all members who have been awarded the following fixtures this season:

Geoff Eltringham, Referee (League One Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg)

James Simpson, Referee (Wearside League Cup Final)

Craig Dean, Referee (FA Inter-League Cup)

Adam Herczeg, Referee (Tyneside Sunday League Vase)


Rebecca Welch, Assistant Referee (Women’s FA Cup Final)

Rebecca Welch, Assistant Referee (Northern League Division 1 Cup Final)

Phil Clayton, Assistant Referee (Wearside League Cup Final)

Cameron Raine, Assistant Referee (Wearside League Cup Final)

Jonny Urwin, Assistant Referee (Monkwearmouth Charity Cup Final)


Geoff Eltringham, 4th Official (League Two Play-Off Final)

Geoff Eltringham, 4th Official (Championship Play-Off Semi-Final Second Leg)

Andy Haines, 4th Official (League Two Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg)

Rebecca Welch, 4th Official (Wearside League Cup Final)


County Cup Finals

Reece Scott, Referee (u13 Cup)


Jack Herriot, Assistant Referee  (u13 Cup)


Shaun Hudson, 4th Official (Challenge Cup)

Phil Clayton, 4th Official (u16 Cup)

Matthew Henderson, 4th Official (u13 Cup)


Sunderland Sunday Morning League Finals

Lee Brennan, Referee (Joe Holborn Memorial Cup)

James Simpson, Referee (Total Sport Challenge Cup)

Graeme Fyvie, Referee (Billy Pemberton Memorial Cup)


Ian Quinn, Assistant Referee (Joe Holborn Memorial Cup)

Kieran Downey, Assistant Referee (Joe Holborn Memorial Cup)

Jonny Urwin, Assistant Referee (Billy Pemberton Memorial Cup)

Mick Crowe, Assistant Referee (Total Sport Challenge Cup)


Wearside Combination League Finals

Jonny Urwin, Referee (Wearmouth & Hylton Aged Peoples Trophy Final)

Colin Stores, Referee (First Division Play-Off)


Mick Crowe, Assistant Referee (Alan Hood Memorial Trophy)

Adam Crowe, Assistant Referee (First Division Play-Off)

Stuart Burns, Assistant Referee (Downhill Trophy)

Daniel Mahmoodshahi, Assistant Referee (Downhill Trophy)


If we have missed anybody out, please get in touch and we will update the website accordingly.

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