Kieran Downey (L4)

Kieran Downey

Name: Kieran Downey
Age: 39
Refereeing Level: 4
Began Refereeing: 2009
Occupation: Trade Manager

How where you introduced into refereeing?

Played as long as I could then I thought about staying involved in the game, ran teams with success but decided to move into refereeing.

What has been the highlight of your career so far and why?

Been involved in many good games. 1st match, 1st cup final, 1st promotion. Initially was happy if could get to level 5 but knew and believed in myself that I could get too level 4.

What is the biggest game you have officiated and why?

My 1st cup final as referee was good. Been involved in many more since then including county cup finals as 4th official, assistant and referee. Hard to nail one in particular.

What are your aims and ambitions as a referee?

Very happy that I got level 4 and in 1st season I’ve enjoyed it. New marking season and looking to learn and develop more as a referee.

What/Who has been the biggest influence on your career and why?

When I was deciding to go into refereeing, I used to speak a lot with Anna Willie and then once I completed my course I also spoke a lot with Lindsay Robinson. I joined the RA immediately which has helped me with the different speakers and topics spoken about at meetings. Many referees of all levels to speak to for help and advice.

In your opinion who is / was the best referee?

Pierre Luigi Collins was the best there’s been no doubt about it. He had respect before going onto the pitch and while on it. His stature, presence and his personality shined through. After him you have to look at Mark Clattenburg as one of the best.

Accurate as of March 2018

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