Daniel Van Hymus (L7) (L4 Futsal)

Dan Van Hymus
Name:  Daniel Van Hymus
Age:  18
Refereeing Level:  7 (Level 4 Futsal)
Began Refereeing:  2014
Occupation:  University Student

How where you introduced into refereeing?

I wasn’t introduced to refereeing so much as I sought to become a referee, completing the course a couple of days after my 14th birthday. Refereeing is something that I wanted to do for as long as I can remember and (as sad is it sounds…) I’d often be seen refereeing the older lads on the small grass pitch outside my house from when I was 9-10 years old.

What has been the highlight of your career so far and why?

The highlights of my football refereeing career so far have all came this season, being accepted into the Durham FA Referee Academy and selected to represent it in Portugal, as well as recently being awarded my first senior cup final middle in the form of the Sanford Goudie Cup (South Shields) on the basis of club marks.

In terms of futsal refereeing I’ve been fortunate to referee in some great games including a couple of England U19 and 23 friendlies, work alongside FIFA referees, as well as a University Varsity game in front of a crowd of near a thousand people. 

What is the biggest game you have officiated and why?

I’ve done various youth finals in different leagues across football and futsal, semi-finals and top/bottom 6 pointers. I can’t think of a game that’s particularly stood out, hopefully I can establish one in the years ahead.

 What are your aims and ambitions as a referee?

My immediate aims are to get to Level 4 in the next 2 marking seasons, with ambitions of refereeing at the highest level of the game, taking each season at a time.

I’d also like to get to the Select Group of futsal referees in the next 2-3 years.

What/Who has been the biggest influence on your career and why?

The biggest influence on my career so far has been getting into futsal a few years ago, the fast paced nature of the game and being exposed to a good standard has made me a far better football referee, as well as offering new opportunities on the futsal front.

I’ve also learnt a lot from being a part of the referees academy and the RA, I highly recommend both to any young referee.

In your opinion who is / was the best referee?

Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor are the two strongest referees in the country at the minute I think. Their fitness level and consistently strong performances set them apart in the current Premier League landscape. While, Martin Atkinson can always be relied on for a steady pair of hands.

Over the next few seasons I think we’ll see Chris Kavanagh emerge to be part of that group.

Accurate as of March 2018

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