Karl Barron (Sunderland RA Member & Sunderland RA Executive Committee Member) is a part of the National Young Referee Development Team. Find out more about Karl and his team below…
Meeting One
On 1st December 2019, the brand new National Young Referee Development Team (NYRDT) met for the first time at the St George’s Park National Football Centre.
At the first meeting of the season, we put some vigorous and productive plans in place for the season. As a team of eleven nationwide active, young referees, we want more young referees to pick up the whistle and start their careers as referees. We want to aid with the retention of referees after they have completed their basic course and provide follow up support for new and young referees and help with their progression through the refereeing pyramid.

The NYRDT is as below. Alongside their name, you can also see which county they’re registered to along with their e-mail so you can contact them directly.

Karl Barron – Durham – Karl.Barron@nyrdt.co.uk
Ella Broad – Wiltshire – Ella.Broad@nyrdt.co.uk
Joe Cunningham – Manchester – Joe.Cunningham@nyrdt.co.uk
Daniel Ellis – Worcestershire – Dan.Ellis@nyrdt.co.uk
Callum Jones – Liverpool – Callum.Jones@nyrdt.co.uk
Joseph Larkin – Birmingham/Lancashire – Joe.Larkin@nyrdt.co.uk
Chloe Matthews – Staffordshire – Chloe.Matthews@nyrdt.co.uk
Harvey Newstead – Norfolk – Harvey.Newstead@nyrdt.co.uk
Holly Shepherd – Leicestershire – Holly.Shepherd@nyrdt.co.uk
Our new NYRDT is continuing to develop and we have more and more ideas to progress the young referee workforce across the country. This includes networking and development days for our young referee volunteers to pass on good practice from both a national level and a regional level, we will also be looking to send out information on a monthly occasion to keep our network up to date with events, changes and the teams progress.
Our next meeting will be in February where we will be looking at our plans and preparing to roll them out, nationwide.
We can be contacted as a team via e-mail at: support@nyrdt.co.uk
Stay in touch by following us on Twitter @TheNYRDT and on Instagram @TheNYRDT
Meeting Two
The National Young Referee Development Team embraced Storm Ciara and held our second meeting of the season at St Georges Park on Sunday 9th February 2020.
The team started the day off about discussing the progress that has been made since our last meeting. We have revamped our social media (which can be found on Twitter @TheNYRDT and on Instagram @TheNYRDT) and have come up with a strategic plan, all of which will be revealed in due course.
We then started to discuss hosting a National Development Day. We spoke vigorously about what content we would include, what activities and how the operation would work. The team are working hard to get these ideas into a plan. Once we have full details confirmed, you’ll be able to see this first on social media, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date!
During the afternoon, the team spent some time working on some self-professional development, looking at public speaking and answering difficult questions. Each team member was given a scenario to which they had to present to the rest of the group. They were given 10 minutes to research, plan and prepare before delivering on each individual group.
We finished the day by focusing on future plans and ensuring that each team member had a part to play in the future of young referee development.
We can be contacted as a team via e-mail at: support@nyrdt.co.uk
Stay in touch by following us on Twitter @TheNYRDT and on Instagram @TheNYRDT
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