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QUEST (Quality Excellence Standard) for “delivering excellence” enables all local Associations affiliated to The Referees’ Association (RA), regardless of size or location, an equal opportunity to share in best practice and gain recognition for achieving a standard of service and support which is recognised by both The RA and The Football Association (FA).

QUEST will support the existing partnership between The FA and The RA (RA-FA) and will provide an opportunity for every local Association to improve the management of their own local Association, recognising this with a “stamp of approval” from the key stakeholders at both a local and national level, thereby acting as an important tool for the recruitment and retention of members by denoting excellence.

There is NO stipulated time limit in which an Association must satisfy the criteria for gaining recognition and this initiative is open to ALL local Associations; however as a recommendation a 2 year timeframe is considered a reasonable period for delivery.

David Elleray, President – The Referees’ Association

With the ever-increasing QUEST for refereeing standards to improve at all levels in English football, The Referees’ Association has an increasingly important role to play. Howard Webb MBE has regularly and fervently supported The RA and emphasised the crucial role The RA played in helping him achieve the pinnacles of refereeing in 2010 – the Champions’ League and World Cup finals. England’s top officials’ regularly pay tribute to The RA’s contribution to their success and well-being, and they demonstrate their views by the support they give to RA events at all levels from local Society meetings through to The RA Conference.

Continuing the wonderful success of English refereeing of recent years requires a healthy grass roots membership which seeks the very best training and development to ensure their progress and personal enjoyment. With this in mind, The Referees’ Association has launched the QUEST (Quality – Excellence – Standard) is an initiative open to ALL local Associations, it represents a great opportunity to share good practice and improve standards of refereeing across England. It will offer every local Association a supportive framework in which to develop at its own speed, regardless of size and location, with the collective goal of improving refereeing standards and promoting the enjoyment of being part of the refereeing family.

The QUEST scheme will be independently verified (including County Football Association input) and provides “a real partnership” which will impact locally and nationally to help raise standards and enable the membership to access high quality developmental opportunities. Local Associations will be recognised and rewarded for the standard of service that they provide to their members. The RA has played a critical role in refereeing in England for over 100 years – QUEST will allow ALL local Referees’ Associations the opportunity to flourish in the future and continue their significant contribution to our national game at all levels.


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